If you are looking for a technical support team to help you with your post-sale customer service, contact QUEST SERVICE LABS. We’ve built our business on quality printer service and support.

We offer the following support services to support your sales efforts:

• Telephone Technical Support
On-site Printer Service (OH, PA, MI, IN)
Depot Printer Service
• Scanner Repair
• Printer Rentals (by day/week/month or during repair)
• Preventative Maintenance Agreements

If you are looking for OPTIONS to offer your customers, please understand that Quest Service Labs can offer you the following products/services for resale to your customers:

• Refurbished Printers and Warranty (many different
models available)
• Spare Parts (print heads, platen rollers in-stock!)
• Site Surveys

Partner with Quest Service Labs and enhance your offerings with a Technical Support Team for your customers! We keep your customers running!